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Be a strategic decision maker or a highly technical solution architect, Turquoise Cloud is a trusted advisor for you.

We are providing verified information regarding many of the hot topics in cloud industry, such as security, compliance, interoperability, cost optimizations, automation, event-driven processing, serverless applications, and many more…


We are committed to stay at the same distance from, but of course, very close to all the public and private cloud services providers.

You will not find any biased marketing material here. Instead we will be putting our efforts in providing you well-structured, vendor-neutral and up-to-date information to the best of our knowledge.


Our mission is to facilitate cloud solutions for achieving the best possible business value. 


We aim to be one of the first doors to knock for those, who plan to transition to cloud.

We help you execute on a productive cloud

Cloud technologies and services offered on top of them will continue to be out there in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, orchestrating those services so as to maximize the expected outcome while minimizing the time and money spent will be a key differentiator for the competitors.

We are here to help you make wiser decisions! 

Are you ready to take a new path?

Though this is a non-profit community portal, we love to share our expertise with promising startups. Each month we are selecting an applicant to do some differentiated (!) heavy-lifting together. Why not to be the next team to try this journey and to stand out from the crowd?

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