Cloud Crafters

Throughout last 2 decades in IT industry we have experienced many paradigm shifts in technology landscape. Cloud based services not only do address the most recent green IT and IoT sort of demands, but also promise to act as a catalyst in the upcoming AI and automation era.

Turquoise Cloud is an initiative for cloud enthusiasts to rock in security, architecture, and governance domains without deviating from compliance footprint, operational excellence, and cost optimization.


We are continuously learning and experimenting with what we learn!

We are for sure not the best in all aspects of cloud computing. Though we have ambitions and set targets about going as far and as deep as possible in the following specialties…





Machine Learning

About the team

Zoya Lee

Zoya Lee


Zoya is a fictitious co-founder to manage public relationships and community engagements. She speaks all the languages in digital world and with her warm attitude she is a perfect trust builder.

Fatih Düzgün

Fatih Duzgun


Fatih is a technical guru, who is very keen on cloud movement. He has +15 years of experience in IT industry and holds professional level certifications, such as AWS-SA, GCP, VCP, and CISSP.

Our infrastructure

Though we have a commitment to be vendor-neutral, we have to serve this portal on some trusted infrastructure.

In accordance with a multi-cloud mindset, we have decided to harmonize Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, both of which has plenty of cool features available in “always-free” tier.

Google Cloud Platform

100% availability and low latency of Google DNS

Cloud Translation and Gmail sort of APIs & Services

2 robust compute instances in always-free tier

Advanced networking features of OCI VCN

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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