Fun in >< Cry out

Cloud computing platforms continue to be very attractive playgrounds for increasingly many business verticals. Meanwhile, it is not surprising to see an almost free of charge migration plan whenever a new service is announced. But how that fun pays off?


There is a famous poetry, which is referred to Mawlana, starting with “Come, come, whoever you are…“.

Invitation to cloud services is simply evocative of this sophist order. All the cloud service providers are welcoming their clients with numerous transition options at almost no cost. Nevertheless, more exciting part of the journey starts right after!

Fun in

  • No cost for ingress traffic
  • No cost for file upload
  • Almost unlimited DB sizing

Cry out

  • Count for egress traffic
  • Charge for all reads/downloads
  • Every single read/write operation costs

Once you are done with the migration and you have located your data within your cloud environment, it is time for you or for your customers to access/use that data. At that stage tough, accounting counters start to charge quite aggressively!

Here are some tips for your consideration to avoid probable disappointments at the end of any billing period:


  • Be careful about the payload in any traditional/serverless app
  • Design the network so as to minimize traffic out of the VPC and/or subnets

Object Storage

  • Restrict pre-signed URLs both in terms of sharing frequency and life-time
  • Use lifecycle policies to delete unnecessary files


  • Plan your data even if it will be noSQL, use short/wise attribute names
  • Stick to subtle queries or batch operations and avoid scans